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Some people are raving about this new place (part of the Marriott Hotels, it opened on 15 December 2010 - situated south of the one-and-only Bellagio) in terms of how modern and fabulous it all is. There are some fantastic aspects to it (in which it excels, read below) to this place but, summarizing what we're going to say below, we could not say that it has superseded Bellagio or Palazzo or Encore, especially in terms of its food and accommodation.
Wicked Spoon: everybody seems to agree that the ambience and the d├ęcor, being so new and modern, are great. It's comfortable all-around and the food presentation is also very good.
If you are expecting to pile up mountains of food on your plate you will be disappointed since here every item comes served on a very small plate which, in turn, you'll have to place on your own plate; this means that you will be making many trips to the stations in order to feel full! It's not a bad aspect in our opinion, it can be annoying if you particularly like one dish but all in all it avoids the gluttony (and the waste) you notice at some places. For now the line-ups are very small or non-existent but if this changes the 'tiny-plate' aspect will become bothersome.
A very positive aspect of this brand new place is that it offers a large variety of dishes, some trying to be different from the norm. Another may be that, if you enjoy alcohol, the weekend Brunch (35 dollars if you include alcohol) offers unlimited bloody marys and mimosas from the bar section (like many other) offer unlimited alcohol on Sunday brunch, in one way or another).
The service seems to be excellent all-around, never having to wait for a refill and most servers working as a team rather as individuals.
The sushi section is surprisingly better than at any average buffet, freshly prepared right in front of you, though in our opinion it's still not as good as Todai.
You will have to pay extra (15 dollars) for king crab legs so you may opt for the regular food. There is plenty of meat for meat lovers and an adequate range of alternatives for those who don't like meat and enough variety in the cooked vegetable department; variety and choice will not disappoint you. However, there are, all in all, mixed feelings and thoughts about the quality and the flavour of each dish. The majority of visitors seem to agree that it's not going to be a culinary experience if you expect a chef-quality-cooked food. Bellagio is still, in our opinion, the only choice if you enjoy top-quality food and excellently cooked dishes.
A highly negative aspect of this buffet (especially if you are a tourist and not a local) is the fact that they impose a 2-hour break between lunch and dinner, unlike the roll-over offered at top-quality buffets such as Bellagioand even good quality buffets such as Cravings.

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